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imagine a fashion show from expensive brand is happening and rarity walks through the jury wearing this..

it sure got some detail and lighting here.. + BloomFX

> watch this animation..
> "ohh looks like red riding hood style"
> it is..
> gender-bender potion
> "welp..."
> impressed..

never knew an animation like this can screw my mind to awesomeness.

5 stars for you.

best treatment a pokemon can get.. somehow..

nice animation though.. smooth (a bit choppy here)

never knew a gym could be used for this treatment XD

nice animation. due to my insomnia i can see it colorized even if its sketch styled.

and is that Kowalski at the end credit?

anyway.. great one.

i chuckled at the part where mario just intensifies..

great one.. i though this was just an animation until i click the mushroom.

Neonic play.. absolute love it..

somehow i remember this was an SWF on other website.

great animation btw

i think im riding a roller coaster backwards now, because this animation is the first time i know Derpixon back in 2017.

and Robbie Rotten there in background just "ayy" like that XD

i can't help but notice that the device used for stopping time is just that typical alarm clock.

that.. or how she only brush her right side of her teeth only..

damned to hell but still able to read some playboy magazine..

best animation ever.. 10 seconds into the video and i already chuckled.

that some good plot twist at the end there.. a happy ending..
(although the NSFW part i can relate to some artist i know on internet)

great animation.. and of course im familiar with the female character artstyle because this is Derpixon. first time i see derpixon art was back in 2017.

20 years old gamer, love to try games, especially indie games. sometimes making random ambience sound for fun.

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